Interstate movers

At Jose Movers we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best relocation services in Chicago. But we have a couple of other tricks up our sleeve too!

It is not necessary to be moving within the borders of the city in order to make use of our high end services. We offer comprehensive, cost-efficient and very reliable long-distance/interstate moving services too. Our long-distance movers are individuals with much experience in the field who would gladly give you a helping hand with managing your project.

The challenge of moving across state borders

If home moving is a complex thing to manage, then moving across the border of the state is even more problematic. We will manage every aspect of your relocation from Chicago to other big cities in Illinois, or even to some of the border states of IL. We are going to do that with precision and care that are unmatched by any other contactor working in the industry today, and make sure that you receive exactly the service you have bargained for.

Trucks, equipment and state of the art moving methods

In many respects our long distance movers work in the same way that the ones operating on relocations in Chicago do:

  • They drive in a fleet of modern trucks that are kept clean at all times, navigated through the latest GPS system
  • They use high end packing supplies and methods that have been tested and proven to guarantee the safety of your goods while on the road
  • They are available on a flexible schedule
  • Like all members of our team, they are licensed and fully insured for the job they are doing.
  • Full insurance and on-time completion of your relocation are guaranteed regardless of the individual specs of the job

Professionally tailored long distance moving service

Route 72, IllinoisOn the other hand long-distance interstate relocations are different from those that are done within the borders of Chicago. If you are moving to any of the big cities in Illinois or to a state bordering IL, you can count on our expertise in the field in order to make things easier for you. We will help you plan, prepare for and carry out your long-distance relocation in a manner that will be safe and efficient.

Full assistance to moving to big cities in Illinois and across the border of the state

Interstate relocations are traditionally pretty expensive, but we can guarantee that is not going to be the case when you are having Jose Movers working by your side. We operate with very efficient methods and equipment that minimize the required time and resources for the completion of a certain relocation. Furthermore we have a specially tailored custom relocation quote calculator, which comes to guarantee that you are going to get the best offer for long distance relocations in Illinois that is currently available on the market. Check out our prices by getting your free no obligation quote from our polite and very helpful professional customer support team. Let us get down to business planning and carrying out your long-distance/interstate relocation. You know that Jose Movers are the best.

Chicago is the biggest and most important city in the state of Ilionis. It is cultural, economic and educational centre and there are quite a few reasons to consider it one of the great American Cities. Its history dates back to the years when the US were forming and it will continue to be so important in the future as well. Currently well over 10 million people from all over the world live in Chicago and their number is rising every day.