Helping Your Friends

Being a nice person involves being polite with others. The way you speak and react to situations will define you as a member of the society. But your actions are perhaps more important and this is how you are usually judged. If you do the right things you will appreciate having a lot of friends and they will appreciate having you in their life as well. This being said you simply need to often go the extra mile for the people you love. This involves running errands, helping them move, buying them gifts and often calling them.

If you are authentic and your behaviour is not fake they will quickly realise that they can count on you. Good friends help each other in such ways that they save money. For example someone might need a lift and if you happen to be free simply answer their call. Even if you are located in a big city your help will be very valued. Taxi service can be very pricy and public transportation is often delayed thanks to heavy traffic.

Don’t be afraid to get behind the wheel and deliver stuff for your mates

Other times folks might need an item or two to be delivered. It is fine if they are willing to pay professional companies but if it doesn’t bother you then you can play the role of a courier. Small deliveries shouldn’t give you much of a trouble and if your friends are nice they might buy you a beer later on as a sign of appreciation. If you have a larger vehicle they might even use you for quick single item relocations and ask you to transport furniture or boxes full of supplies.

Many times people are late to pay their bills and leave town for a few days on vacation or something similar. This is a quick errand you can run for your pals and it shouldn’t be too time consuming. Of course it also suggests that you pay the bills in question and expect to get your money back later on. It basically means lending your close ones some money. A good friend will never refuse to do it and you shouldn’t either.

Some requests might be tougher than others and might require your attention and time for extended periods. For example projects related to home renovation or re-paining come to mind. Some fellas wouldn’t call a handyman for the world as they prefer asking a friend or two to give them a helping hand. Now if you are busy you can politely refuse and help in some other way. But if you are good at dealing with such things and have the time, you should by all means agree to assist. Full household relocation might also be the case. You will need to carry heavier objects and maybe even disassemble furniture. Fragile items require special care and boxes. If you are not sure how to approach some matters, seeking professional help might be the way to go. A good friend doesn’t always “play along” – giving a sound advice can be just as useful.