Four Essential Tips when Preparing Your Garage Items for Move

People packing

Preparing your garage for a move is not a fun task. However, even though some people enjoy decluttering and packing garage items, majority of them hate that task. This is why they hire professionals to do to job. If you are among these, we recommend Hose Movers based in Chicago. They are professional moving company that provides a range of moving services but can help you with packing your garage items as well. They are affordable as well.

As soon as you find out your moving date, start making plans on how to pack your garage. This moving task can be exhausted so you should start early and start planning.

Here are few tips on how to sort your items and decide what to pack and what to get rid of.

  1. Packaging

One of the first tasks to take care of when moving garage is to acquire the right packing material. You need sturdy cardboard boxes (small, medium, large), bubble wrap, markers, labels, tape, scissors, packing paper, garbage bags, and other. Also, you can use old clothes and old towels to fill the empty spaces in the boxes or to protect fragile items inside the boxes.

After you have packed everything, make sure you double-tape the bottoms of the boxes since the most garage stuff is heavy. For heavier items, use smaller boxes and pack them alone. Pay special attention to protruding part and sharp edges. Use towels to protect them.

  1. Decluttering

Items you keep stored in your garage are numerous and overwhelming. There are all kinds of items there; from those you really need in everyday life to those worthless that just collect dust and take up your space. So, this is your ideal opportunity to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need or want. Start diving items into two piles: the pile you will pack and take with you, and other that you are not taking with you. Perhaps transporting those items is forbidden (be sure to check if moving interstate), or some are useless and should go into a trash can. Perhaps you can sell some of them or donate to charity. Nevertheless, after you declutter, first get rid of the pile you are not taking with you. Then, when you have enough space, start packing.

  1. What not to pack

People packingAs mentioned above, not only you will waste your time and effort packing items you will not use at your new home, it will cost you more. So, do not pack the items you will not use, items that are broken, items you can sell or donate. Also, moving companies will not transport hazardous items, including:

  • fuel
  • motor oil
  • paint
  • pesticides
  • car batteries
  • cleaning supplies
  • charcoal, etc.

Therefore, all items that are flammable, corrosive or explosive are not forbidden. Contact your mover and they will give you more information on what items are not allowed to be moved.

  1. Organize a garage sale

The best way to sell some of garage items you no longer need is to have a garage sale. This will be especially useful if you are moving to a smaller place where you do not have the space to store useless items.