Most Desirable Areas in Chicago

Chicago as seen from Lakeview

With a population of nearly 2.7 million people, Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. The Windy City covers a territory of about 234 square miles. Every year many people choose to move to Chicago since it has plenty of things to offer, including a stable job market, amazing shops and countless fine restaurants. The problem is that the city consists of 77 community areas and over 200 neighborhoods. Therefore, picking a new area to live in can be a challenging task. If you find it difficult to choose from so many options, go through our list of most desirable neighborhoods in Chicago before you start packing.

Near North Side

This Chicago area is a versatile spot as it is made up of many small neighborhoods. Among the most fascinating spots in Near North Side, however, is certainly Magnificent Mile. The reason why this area is so great is that it has a bit of everything. From first-class restaurants and interesting museums to numerous entertainment venues – one could never get bored in Near North Side.


Chicago as seen from LakeviewLakeview is among the priciest places in Chicago. But don’t let this fact discourage you from moving there. Lakeview offers an impressive versatility, especially on the real estate market. Here, finding a luxury home is as easy as discovering a budget-friendly house. The area is rich in high-quality amenities and it is the baseball heart of Chicago since it is home to the city’s baseball team – Chicago Cubs.

River North

This spot is ideal for people who hate commuting to work. River North is located close to the city’s center which means it is a short walk away from some of the best stores, dining places, bars and galleries in Chicago. That is namely why the cost of living in River North is very high. Still, if you can afford it, you should give it a try.


Pilsen easily ranks among Chicago’s trendiest areas. This is a lively neighborhood that offers great food, a lot of entertainment and culture. It can become a bit busy during the weekends but that is only because Chicagoans love Pilsen and enjoy exploring it in their free time. That is why you should hurry up and relocate to this neighborhood while prices are still acceptable.

The Loop

The Loops is an area filled with a lot of energy. As a start, it is set very close to Chicago’s city center. Also, it has a bustling nightlife and it is located in near proximity to the city’s most iconic attractions and landmarks, like the Chicago Theatre, Millennium Park and Cloud Gate. Career-builders, singles, young professionals – The Loop is suitable for various categories of people.

Other notable mentions

As it was already noted, Chicago is a big city. Therefore, it would be unfair to limit your choice only to four areas. There are many other neighborhoods in the Windy City that are worth researching. Some of the most interesting of them are:

  • East Village
  • Near South Side
  • West Loop
  • South Loop
  • Lincoln Park