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Safe trucks

All vehicles in our fleet are professional relocation trucks, specially purposed and fitted to safely relocate goods without any risk of damage to the items.

Unmatched coverage

Use professional moving services and relocate or transport items to any part of Chicago or the state of Illinois. Easily organize a move during the weekend or outside normal work hours.

Friendly movers

All of our specialists are experienced and skilled relocation experts, who are not only capable of handling any moving job but also have the right attitude and mindset.

Moving Company in Chicago, IL

Hello and Welcome to Jose Movers, the leading provider of professional and cheap moving services for the territory of Chicago.

There might be many moving companies in the city, but what we can assure you is that none of them is quite as well prepared to meet the requirements of your upcoming moving project in better terms than we do. We are the leading provider of home moving and office relocations services in Chicago, and as such, we are here to answer all your questions and make all your dreams about the outcome of your upcoming relocation happen in the best possible terms. Get in touch today for more information, in order to receive a free estimate and sign up the best experts in relocations in Chicago to help you.

 Why Jose Movers?

The answer to that question is very simple actually:

  • We have a team of fully certified and very experienced professional movers working for us. Every single member of our team has thousands of successfully completed relocations in Chicago under their belts, making them the best option for you.
  • Our fleet of relocation trucks and vans consists of state of the art vehicles. Every truck and van is carefully cleaned after each operation for which it is being used. Furthermore, we are ready to supply you with the necessary packing, loading and safety gear to guarantee the hassle-free outcome of your project.
  • Our schedule is so flexible that we are literally ready to work for you at any time of the day and night, no matter what the calendar is saying. Weekend and even holiday operations are perfectly okey with us.
  • We do home, office and single item relocations in Chicago on some pretty attractive prices that are always individually estimated in accordance to the individual specs and perks of the job in question.

 Cheap and reliable Chicago home relocations

Moving homes is something people do at least once in their lives and it has the reputation of being rather hard to properly complete. Instead of worrying too much about the outcome of your upcoming domestic relocation in Chicago, sign up our excellent specialists for the job, and they are going to see to the proper handling of the project. Our job begins the minute that you call and goes through several very important stages:

  • Inquiry and viewing
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Relocation


We will send a team of excellently trained and extensively experienced professional movers to assess the situation and make the necessary arrangements. We will bring in high end packing supplies and even prepare your items for the road if that is deemed necessary. Last but not least, we will make sure that every step of the job is supervised by experts, whom you can count on for support completely, and of course that your domestic relocation in Chicago is completed precisely on schedule.

 Full coverage for Chicago and the country

Our moving experts have intimate knowledge of the geography and specs of every neighborhood in the city and they are going to figure out the best, quickest and safest route on which your goods are to be transported. We operate in every corner of the metropolitan area of Chicago, but we are also up to long-distance relocations, including interstate ones. It all boils down to the simple fact that Jose Movers are here for you in every situation, no matter whether you are moving across the street or to the East Coast. We offer you comfort and peace of mind that no other Chicago based moving company can, so it would be unwise to miss your chance to have us work for you.

Around the clock customer support

ChicagoHaving a thoroughly hassle-free moving day is easy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and get in touch with our polite and knowledgeable customer support operators. It is even easier through the online contact form you will find on this website. As for a free quote now and leave everything else in the experienced hands of our expert movers.  It is more than evident that is the right thing to do right now.

Chicago with its population of well over 10 million people at the current moment is the third largest city in the US.      The gross metropolitan product of Chicago is 630.3 billion USD for the period between 2014 and 2016, which makes the city one of the most economically important in the country as well. Manufacturing, printing, publishing and food processing are significant sectors and source for employment in Chicago. On a cultural note, the Chicago jazz scene is particularly well known. Chicago is pretty popular with tourists – last year alone over 50 million people from all over the world visited the city for the purpose of leisure and sightseeing.